Aeropostale new iPhone app and iPad kiosk

aeropostale iphone app
US teenage fashion retailer, Aeropostale have launched a new iPad kiosk and mobile apps. Besides an online store,  the new app includes a style guide, outfit builder, and branded videos. Together, the elements are aimed at connecting teens to Aero's brand, rather than just increasing commerce, Hawkins said.  Some of the other new features include a store locator, mobile deal finder and scanner to scan store merchandise for product information or links to order online.   It's connecting with your bank account. Van Vuuren said one successful feature of Aero's current app has been connecting online shopping with PayPal accounts so customers don't have to worry about inserting their credit card information for every purchase. In stores, customers can use Aero's new iPad kiosks to piece together outfits, browse product reviews and pick out music to jam to in the dressing room. "If you create an experience that streamlines some of the things that people want to do, you'll increase the amount of time that they spend engaging (with) the brand,"  van Vuuren said. "For millennial customers, this is the only way. Aero's primary customers are teenage girls, who spend far more time on their phones than they do on laptops or desktops, Hawkins said. To capitalize on this, the company has launched a new SMS texting program, sending out the latest offers, coupons and company announcements to teens' smartphones. The goal of all this new technology is to streamline Aero's image as a fun, teenage brand, and give customers a consistent experience across all platforms, Hawkins said. "A brand like Aeropostale is increasingly about building their infrastructure to personalise experiences," Van Vuuren added.

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