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Amplience Dynamic Media makes it easy for ecommerce and marketing users to deliver rich, engaging product and promotional media to all channels.

Amplience Dynamic Media gives you control over your visual digital content, such as product images and videos as well as promotional content like dynamic banners, lookbooks and lifestyle videos. The solution provides powerful automated image and video management workflows, Dynamic Imaging and Video Transcoding capabilities, metadata, viewer configuration, reporting, and analytics.

Key Features:

- Dynamically render any image variant on demand from a single master asset
- Transcode video for all devices, mobile operating systems, and screen resolutions
- Text-to-image and monogramming support via SVG
- Flexible, mobile optimized, adaptive, and responsive product media viewers
- Dynamically create personalized image roundels and other layers
- Automate 360o and 720o (up and over) spin set production
- Managed complex media asset ingestion workflows via APIs and multiple FTP locations

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