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Ratings and Reviews let people sell for you by gathering their opinions, photos, and videos. Learn from their feedback to improve your products and services.

People love to talk about what they buy, and when they do, other people also then buy. Ratings and reviews capture those conversations on your site, where they’re proven to increase sales, decrease product returns, and build trust in your brand.

Chances are, we already work with your channel partners and can push reviews from your site directly to their product pages. When amplified across our massive network, even one review carries considerable selling power.

We likely already work with the brands you carry, and can bring their earned media to your site to help close sales.

Let your customers do the selling, everywhere

Search engines love fresh, authentic, straight-from-the consumer content, driving more traffic to your site. Our design encourages people to share their reviews on social networks, authentically expanding your reach. And leveraging reviews in print, in-store displays, email campaigns, and mobile apps sparks purchases everywhere.

Deliver relevance at scale. Tailor reviews and product pages to individuals with tagging, multimedia, badging, and voting features that nudge shoppers toward the right product for their needs.

Learn from your best judge: your customer. Understand how people buy, the qualities they value most, and how your brand can be better. Through insights from reviews, you’ll create more targeted advertising, nurture advocates, make better products, and boost sales.