Japanese retailer Parco shows product video when a hanger is removed from display

parco hanger
Shopping gets even more interactive these days as retailers compete for every single lurking dollar out there, and here we are with teamLab and their teamLabHanger product which is on display at the VQNQUISH Ikebukuro PARCO store. Whenever a hanger is removed from a rack, the teamLabHanger system will detect this and use a nearby monitor to show off some photos or a video which will show a model wearing said clothing on the hanger. This is great in theory, but in a high traffic fashion store, there are times when the wrong clothing is placed on the hanger, so you might end up with a confused looking customer at the end of the day should things not add up visually. The teamLabHanger has been described this way, “When the hanger is removed, content is shown on the display. This is a switch, and it moves. When the hanger is on the rack it’s off, and it switches on when the hanger is removed. Each hanger has a unique ID. When the hanger is removed the ID is transmitted to a PC in the back, and content tied to that ID is then displayed on the monitor.” This is certainly a step forward compared to what we have seen from teamLab a couple of years ago, which is a good thing.