New digitally enabled menswear concept store

the dandy lab concept store
A new digitally enabled menswear concept store has opened in Spitalfields, London. The Dandy Lab store features beacons which are embedded in mannequins and beam information that beacon enabled smartphones can read allowing shoppers to quickly access stories and more information on how the products on display are made. Also in store is a system that can work out a customers demographic background according to the clothes they wear and a mobile app that lets shoppers search for an item of clothing or shoes from a photo they take. The store concept was developed by two postgraduates from UCL and UAL, and supported by a team of specialists including academics, designers, creative technologists, experience architects, app developers and data scientists. Co-founder, Julija Bainiaksina said: “Technology is a major element of the store, but the main vision is to create a peronsalised shopping experience for customers that translates into tangible sales for brands.”

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