A family robot for shopping
Jibo the family robot. The desktop robot listens in on the conversations in the family environment and assists you with providing you diary reminders, delivering messages to people in your family, taking photos, telling stories as well as being a companion you can talk to. Software developers will be able to extend it's functionality in the future and allows for Jibo to be connected with others, as well as household devices. Like with Amazon Echo, it is conceivable that the robot will be extended to enable customers to add items to their shopping basket. “This is different than an AI product,” said Jibo's Chariman, Steve Chambers. “We’re not building a distant, discombobulated presence. Jibo is building a relationship with you. Jibo expresses himself. He’s designed to be a purposeful family companion. I think we’re in a very different space than just voice-activated service. He’s so much more.”

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