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Adobe Analytics is an industry–leading solution that empowers you to understand your customers as people — what they want, need, and believe. Discover your most valuable customer segments and use these insights to steer your entire business with customer intelligence.

Pair your analytics expertise with the power of machine learning.
When it comes to understanding each customer, leave no stone unturned. Gather data from your online and offline channel to gain a more complete picture of how customers interact with you. Take advantage of machine learning and AI to discover deep insights and uncover hidden opportunities. This understanding lets you drive more personalized and relevant content across your brand’s experience, while impacting the bottom line.

• Bidirectional API Access
• Unlimited Real-time Segmentation
• Unlimited User Logins
• 325 Custom Dimensions
• 1000 Events
• 200 Customer Attributes

Understand the entire customer journey. From the first touch, to conversion, and through all of the experiential data, know what makes your customer tick. See which areas of the journey to improve, like site design, navigation, content layout, product affinity, and conversion rates.

Personalize the experience. Use machine learning and artificial intelligence through Adobe Sensei to uncover and highlight new ways to offer personalized and relevant experiences to your customers in every channel and each step in their journey.

Discover new insights. Use machine learning to intelligently compare and contrast large sets of data from all of your online and offline channels in seconds — not days. You'll quickly identify deep insights into your customers and discover new, valuable audiences and opportunities.

Keep everyone informed. Curate customized workflows and reports, and even perform specialized analyses in Microsoft Excel. Then use the simple sharing abilities to keep your organization up to date on the latest insights.

Combine attribute data with behavioral data so you can see a more complete picture of how customers interact with your properties.

Compare and surface significant behavioral differences between segments through the automated analysis of all your metrics and dimensions.

Create a comprehensive view of unique visitors by connecting Adobe and non-Adobe data in your Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

Build your customer profiles with online and offline information to better understand who they are and how you can present a more personalized experience.

Use algorithmic attribution to determine the impact of each marketing touch and how your customers move from prospect to loyal customer.

Intelligently identify the causes for statistical anomalies. Not just what the issues are, but why they’re happening.

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