Audi City digital experience opens in Berlin
Audi have launched it's digital showroom in Berlin. Originally launched in London and then Beijing, it is one of the most advanced in store experiences we have seen with applications that have interplay between tablet and video wall and tabletop surfaces sensing products placed on the surface. Your personalised car is visualised in photorealistic 3D using real-time render technology, making the Audi City vehicle configurator the most advanced in the world. After personalising your Audi, the customer can toss their customised vehicle onto one of the floor-to-ceiling video-walls to visualise the car in life-size. Using hand gestures you are able to explore every angle (using Microsoft’s Kinect technology). A store associate can save the configuration onto an RFID-enabled USB stick and guide the customer into personal consultation area that features a variety of RFID tagged real objects. These objects help the customers get hands-on with the materials of the vehicle including car exterior colour and finish options and interior upholstery options. Any car configuration made in the showroom is synchronised to the USB stick. The customer can then pop in the USB stick at home and the web-based configurator is automatically launched with the exact car configuration you created in the showroom. Audi plan to roll-out out smaller footprint versions of this concept.