Augmented reality in Lego stores

lego digital box augmented reality in store
Lego stores solved the challenge of customers wondering what the Lego model within the box would actually look like. The in store technology which was first piloted back in 2009 allows customers to hold Lego boxes in front of a screen, and, once the camera detects, a 3D animated model that is in the box appears on the screen which, as a customer rotates the box, the model rotates with it. The whole experience allows the customer to view the product from all angles whilst very naturally rotating the box which the customer has just pulled off the shelf. The remains an example of the most innovative uses of augmented reality in stores. Lego continue to capture 3D versions of the models they sell and the hardware continues to function in all of their stores worldwide. The technology is from Munich based augmented reality specialist metaio, who also have some large clients like Honda, Mini & Adidas.