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Innovation Article

Alibaba launch pay by selfie
Amazon barcode scanner and audio recorder for shopping
Argos pilots NFC marketing in stores
Argos play interactive game on huge digital sign
Automated delivery of clothing to changing room at Macy's
Barney's mobile POS
Canadian Tire's digitally enabled store
Clothing rail highlighting what's popular on social networks
Digital store directory at Barney's
Google 3D phones will be used to navigate stores in real space
Google's Cardboard virtual reality headsets in use at John Lewis
iBeacon trial at Macys
John Lewis in store tablet trial
John Lewis' Magic Mirror Trial
Macy's use Kinect in shop window
Marks and Spencer introduce RFID enabled footwear inspiration station
Marks and Spencer launch Apple Watch cooking app
Nordstrom uses Pinterest to get customers to influence what's on display
Rose Bike Town - the future bicycle store in Germany