Digital Signage / Screens

Over the past two decades flat screen technology has essentially replaced the bulky Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screens.  The lighter, smaller foot-print LCD devices are cheaper to produce and are capable of displaying picture sizes in excess of 100 inches diagonally. Mass production of 65-70 inch displays is common, by comparison a large CRT display would be around 34 inches. Bigger, brighter screens draw attention and thus screens in store have only been prevalent in the last 20 years. Screens are now very common place in retail stores and in many stores have all but replaced printed media. Screens are capable of producing more eye capturing imagery which can be changed centrally using cloud based digital signage software giving the retailer more agility to not only change displays promptly without the labour costs of shipping print media but also to be change display at different times of day and even display different content to different audiences. As technologies like augmented reality & image detection have become more prevalent, screens have started to display interactive content which help draw the attention of the busy and increasingly distracted customer.