Ferrari use augmented reality in showroom
Ferrari in Australasia are letting customers use iPads to explore cars within the showroom through an augmented reality app. When the iPad is pointed at a Ferrari, it figures the outlines of the car. Customers can then change the car's colour on the fly, using the augmented reality to repaint it without needing to leave the showroom. The app has "feature spotlights" that customers can select which include 3D breakdown of parts such as the brakes, X-ray views of the car and its components and a visualisation of the car in a wind tunnel. This is yet another example of digital changing the in-showroom shopping experience as manufacturers look to give customers more inspiration to purchase. Related Audi City in London's Picadilly Circus Audi City digital experience opens in Berlin Go for a test drive from within the showroom References Luxury Daily - Ferrari creates immersive showroom experience via augmented reality The Verge - Ferrari's new app lets you virtually dismantle your $300,000 sports car UberGizmo - Ferrari Brings Augmented Reality Technology To Their Showrooms

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