Image recognition self-checkouts
Intel's emotion sensing cameras
Selfridges pop-up shop of the future
Bing maps inside the shopping mall
Vending machine that interacts with mobile
Digital watermarks would make scanning at POS faster
Photo item and find similar with brain mimicking
Tesco's screens know where people go and what to display
Burberry's new store introduces the digital nail bar and mobile POS
eBay launch digital store-front at Westfield
Google Streetview continues to map UK retail stores
John Lewis in store tablet trial
Macy's use Kinect in shop window
Tesco new app for store colleagues
The digital personalised storefront
Tesco's facial recognition digital signage
Apple to implement iBeacon in AppleStore
Low power bluetooth beacons and hands free payment and promotion with PayPal and Apple
Demandware, the e-commerce vendor launch a digital in store experience
Tesco launches a tablet
Facial recognition identifies VIPs as they enter store