Interactive in store trend browser at Belgian shoe retailer Torfs

torfs interactive screens
Belgian shoe retailer Torfs have been trialling interactive screens in some of its stores. Customers are able to browse the interactive trend boards on the touch screens which are mounted on walls in different locations throughout the store. As well as browsing trends, customers are also able to browse products and check inventory levels. The interactive screen also allows customers to view the social media stream. When dormant the screen defaults into playing a video loop. There is even an interactive tabletop game for kids to occupy themselves in the 'Kids Corner' whilst their parents are being served. Barbara Torfs, Marketing and Communication Manager at Torfs said, "customers via a touchscreen have direct access to the shop and they can immediately place their order. It is certainly not the intention that customers enter the shop and immediately order their shoes from the screen. The webshop will only be discussed if the desired pair shoes is no longer available in the right size or in the right colour. In that case, the customer may be associated with a salesman or saleswoman the right pair of shoes purchased."

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