Land Rover showrooms with augmented reality headsets
Land Rover has unveiled augmented reality technology to support the launch of it's new Discovery Sport car which will bridge the gap between the announcement and vehicles arriving in showrooms. The digital initiative will be rolling out across all 117 Land Rover retailers in the UK. The new technology delivers a life-like 3D model to showrooms. When visiting the Land Rover retailer, customers will be encouraged to put on the Virtual Reality headset. Visitors will then be directed to look at an activation marker on the floor where they will be immersed in a detailed photo-realistic 3D model of the New Discovery Sport. Customers will be able to walk around the vehicle to get a full sense of the size and scale of the car. At specific points, different animations will appear to demonstrate new features. When arriving at the driver’s door, it will open to allow a full 360 degree view of the interior. At the rear the tailgate will open and customers will be able to witness the versatility of the vehicle, including its unique to class 5+2 slide and recline seating arrangements. Laura Schwab, Jaguar Land Rover UK Marketing Director said: “We wanted to bring the new Discovery Sport to life between the global announcement and vehicles arriving in show rooms. We have received a huge amount of interest from customers through our retailers across the country, and this will give an exciting immersive experience, beyond that of a traditional online configurator or sales brochure.

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