L'Oreal create one of the worlds most advanced vending machines

loreal digital vending machine
Until the end of 2013, people passing through the 42nd Street/Bryant Park subway station in New York will come across L’Oréal’s Intelligent Colour Experience which is an interactive vending machine system featuring a full-length digital mirror and a vending machine full of beauty products. The vending machine also uses cameras and sensors to help suggest products to passers by. The machine presents customers with a digital animation of their silhouette and the colours they’re wearing, and asks if they want cosmetics that “match” or “clash.” The machine also tells customers that if they “Love the look? Make it yours” and gives suggestions on cosmetics which the customers can purchase using the vending machine. Customers can opt to email the look to themselves. The other side of the vending machine features a screen with posts and photos from beauty bloggers.