Mobile loyalty cards using iBeacon
Weve, the joint venture between the UK’s three largest mobile network operators are testing a new loyalty product: Pouch. The company describes Pouch as a place to store loyalty cards and relevant brand offers, safely and securely. Built on Proxama’s TapPoint® platform, it uses a combination of NFC, QR codes, Bluetooth Beacon and other proximity marketing technologies. Neil Garner, CEO & Founder, Proxama® added: “We’re proud of our partnership with Weve and our role in helping to develop Pouch. It’s a testament to our ability to deliver seamless commerce experiences that are transforming how consumers and brands engage through smartphones.” Weve’s Pouch will be rolled out in a phased approach across Android and IOS, with each rollout bringing additional functionality and hopefully an increased number of participating merchants. Sean O’Connell, Director of Product at Weve, said, “We have been thinking about how to digitalise all those bits of plastic and paper in your wallet or purse – and then make them come to life using time, location and proximity offering emotion and reward for the customer.” “We think there is tremendous scope to change loyalty for the better, particularly in the physical world. At Weve, we believe that interactions between consumers and retailers will be increasingly mediated through mobile devices.