Sephora's new tech in store

Sephora digital store
In its new San Francisco store, Sephora has designated stations called the “Beauty Workshop,” where customers can watch video tutorials, take a class with a Sephora team member, and share content online. The Beauty Workshop allows for up to 12 customers at a time to watch videos, practice with new products and learn from Sephora’s team members. Also featured alongside the workshop is Sephora’s digital Beauty Board, a shoppable screen that plays user-generated content coinciding with current trends. Visitors who sit down at the station can watch the looks go by for inspiration, and then pick up the exact products used. Customers can also share their beauty routines and accompanying products to stream on the board. A “People Like Me” search function filters the content stream to show specific skin tones, hair textures and more. Sephora President and CEO Calvin McDonald, said “People were sitting on the sidelines, watching other people’s contouring videos, not knowing how to do it themselves and that’s where Sephora comes into play. When you demystify, people feel empowered to buy. This translates into her being more engaged in beauty, and that translates into her buying more items.”

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