Pro Direct create a digital store in London
Sports retailer, Pro Direct have created a store which creates a digital presence of their website inside a physical store. The digital store is created through digital signage and product display panels which update in real time with web-based content, showcasing the store’s agility to adapt with breaking news and live product launches and allowing consumers to sample a selection of the latest, greatest soccer boots, while browsing the world’s biggest virtual boot room at the same time. Other features include an iconic glass monolith of special limited edition boots and signed boots by the world’s best players; interactive digital mannequins that feature life-size video of players and models wearing the latest apparel; and an exclusive basement area used for player appearances, launch events, live match screenings and display of soccer art. “Our vision was to create a live, connected retail theatre for the world’s most beautiful game," said Adrian Lake of Pro Direct. "We went into a partnership with Green Room to lead the way in creating a digital store that lives and breathes through content working in pure synergy with our online presence.”

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