Shoprite show barcode scanning using phones now a lot faster
Ever tried to scan a barcode using a mobile phone? It's often a process which can take more than 5 seconds per product whilst trying to get the camera to focus on the barcode. The varying quality of cameras across mobile handsets has also prevented any widespread use of mobile scanning - it's just too unreliable. Things are now changing and at least three vendors including Honeywell have entered the marketplace with patented technologies which demonstrate mobile scanning in store can be fast and perhaps opening the way for wider adoption of mobile based scan, pay & go. One retailer that is really benefitting from a successful use of the new generation of scanning technology is ShopRite who use Toshiba's tcxAmplify product which is built on the patented Honeywell software development kit.. “We see mobile technology as an opportunity to enhance the shopping experience in our stores and build loyalty among our customers,” said Cheryl Williams, VP of Digital Commerce & Innovation at Wakefern Food Corp., which operates 300 supermarkets under the ShopRite, PriceRite and the Fresh Grocer banners. “Toshiba’s mobile shopping solution is helping us to reach our customers in a new way, with greater convenience, personalised communications and promotions throughout their store visit.”

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