The Co-op's vision for store of the future

co-op vision for store of future
The Co-operative have put together this video which projects what the grocery store of the future may look like. This type of experience is probably less than 5 years away with most of the technology here already available. Your shopping basket will be equipped with a screen which tells you exactly what is in your basket and much it all comes to - it knows because all the products are equipped with RFID tags. This screen will also display relevant promotions tailored to you; it knows who you are because it detected your mobile device when you picked up the basket. At the end of the shop - you pay by checking out on the digital screen. Product locator screens can be located on shelves throughout the store - the customer can search for a product type and the screen will provide directions on how to find the product from their current location. Other shelf edge screens and ceiling mounted screens replace the traditional print marketing with a digital format that is more up-to-date and relevant as well as being more carbon friendly.