Marks and Spencer launch Apple Watch cooking app
Marks and Spencer have launched an app for the recently launched Apple Watch. The watch app is a companion to the companion phone app. The phone app enables customers to look up and track a recipe. The phone then hands off the watch app which lets customers track their shopping list as they travel around the M&S store, ticking off items as they go. When back at home, the customer can use the app’s timers to keep track of the cooking process – and the app will remind them what to do, and when along the way. Peter Wright, product developer for M&S Digital Labs, said: "While currently only in its infancy in terms of mainstream consumer use, over the next year the role of wearable tech in customers’ everyday lives is set to grow as developments like the Apple Watch come to market. Wright said: "The way our Digital Labs team works, by constantly iterating and getting product to market as quickly as possible, means we have the capabilities to stay one step ahead in reacting to trends and anticipating customer demand." Along with Zara and ASOS, this is one of the first retailer apps for the Apple Watch.

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