Nine West's social media wall and nfc tagged products
Nine West have been able to enhance customer experience by visualising live, social activity from fans across the web and in the store. The flagship retail store on Lexington Avenue in New York City uses a technology platform from Postano to power real-time social displays right in the store. A recent feature in Women’s Wear Daily (download the full story), addressed the innovative social displays in the revamped retail location: “Digital has been a priority since 2010 and the brand is active on Facebook — where it’s on track to reach 1 million fans this season; Twitter; Pose; Instagram, and Pinterest. Keeping in line with this innovation, an interactive column was installed in the centre of the flagship that will allow for mobile checkout and display visuals from the brand’s social feeds.” Using Postano to pull in real-time social content from visitors to the store, Nine West is bringing interactive engagement from behind the screen into an in-person retail experience. Encouraging those visiting the store to Tweet and Instagram their experiences while shopping help promote the creation of more user-generated content as well as amplifying the brand message. Nine West also tag products with NFC which allows customers to access more information about a product on their mobile phones.