Optician measure your glasses frame with iPads
UK optician Specsavers have started trialling a technology that allows the sales assistant to measure your face and suggest the right size glasses frame. The application is then used to help the sales assistant sell you the appropriate lens and frame by demonstrating what you will look like wearing the frame. Andrew Wallbank, retail director at Specsavers in Brighton, said the new concept changed the way Specsavers dealt with its customers. ‘Alongside the clinical benefits it is also about the retail theatre and ensuring the customer experience is not just good enough to convince them to buy the product, it also excites them about the journey they’ve been on. We want people to talk about the journey, not just have a better journey.’ Similar to the Clarks foot gauge, and Sephora's virtual makeover this is further evidence that retailers are now started using in store technology to improve the in store experience. The Specsavers trial has started and can be seen in the Brighton store.

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