Pay at table with Apple Pay

pay with cover applepay
Cover is a company that works with restaurants to let diners pay at table through the app rather than through the paper bill. The idea is that you walk into a restaurant, tell the waiter that you're paying with Cover then open the app on your phone and select new table. Each individual has a default tip which can be changed during the meal to a custom percentage. The app supports traditional credit cards and now has an option to use Apple Pay for which Cover and the restaurant will never see card information of a Cover diner who pays with Apple Pay. There's no waiting for the bill - Cover settle up automatically at the end of the meal and email a receipt to the diners. There is also a neat way for a group of diners to split the bill. Mark Engerman, co-founder said, “Cover came from the very first time one of us came out of an Uber. I thought wouldn’t this be great if we could have this experience in other places. We’re building a process that works extremely well in one context and that context is sit down dining and they see it as a way to offer better service to their customers.”

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