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Deliver highly persuasive personalization at scale. Really persuasive, not nearly persuasive

Be more than relevant. Not all personalization is created equal. While upping your UX game, delivering seasonal messaging and firing off recommendations is a great start, you’ll need to work harder to win and retain more discerning customers.

Deliver higher impact. Personalization today must do two really important things: match users with the most impactful experiences and deliver them at scale across your customer base. Qubit has banks of knowledge on what works and to which people those tactics will be best received.

Break through the impact barrier
What if you only had one shot and a few seconds to grab someone's attention? That is exactly your situation. To achieve personalization that immediately engages, and truly drives sales and customer loyalty at scale you’ll need the following:

- Deep customer understanding. A historically complete and extensible customer data store

- Continuous learning. Ability to fill in the gaps in customer understanding through streaming collection or direct customer feedback

- Pattern recognition. Ability to discern which customer signals drive influence and which to ignore

- Customer adaptive. Capability to continuously adapt influence strategies to changing customers and their current journey

- Precision marketer controls. Transparent business controls for ultimate targeting

- Scalable solutions. A wide range of tactics that can be mixed and matched with customers as their needs evolve

Blend influence and the ability to scale. Make the best solutions better. Through a rigorous and in-depth study of millions of customer interactions we know which personalization techniques are both scalable and effective. We take persuasion to the next level by focussing on what drives tangible results and pushing these further with precision targeting and timely deployment in the user journey.

Features that support Qubit personalization:

- Social proof. Use the wisdom of the crowds to drive sales

- Abandonment recovery. Prevent valuable customers from slipping away and if they do, win them back

- Abandonment recovery. Prevent valuable customers from slipping away and if they do, win them back

- Recommendations. Open the black box and take control of what your customers see

- Recommendations. Open the black box and take control of what your customers see

- Merchandising. Making key products stand out has never been easier

- AB testing. For better results, identify the right customers to target, then test

- Mobile app. Extend your personalization strategy to include native mobile apps

Use segmentation to make personalization more effective. Personalization without good segmentation feels like bad speed-dating… Lots of meaningless small talk! Personalization with Qubit is like a great date as our technology focuses on real customer affinities and interests that lead to better messaging and product selection.

Find your best customers. Personalization isn’t just about winning over new visitors, it’s also about creating more value from current customers. Qubit’s unique approach to segmentation will help you prioritize your efforts where they will drive lasting value.

Collect and ingest. Qubit leverages unparalleled amounts of behavioral data in conjunction with ingested data sets such as CRM, loyalty or third party demographics. We structure and optimize this data to support artificial intelligence, deep learning and granular segmentation.

Ask and understand preferences. If you want to understand a customer preference, affinity, or other attribute, why not just ask the visitor directly? The blend of quantitative and qualitative data exposes the true motive behind a visitor’s behaviour and paves the way for future personalization.

Go with the flow. Your customers today are not who they were yesterday. More specifically, your understanding of them since yesterday has probably evolved based on their journeys, preferences and affinities. Qubit helps you continuously adapt to these new insights so that you personalize to the most up-to-date understanding of your customers.

Have greater focus. When you create a new segment, Qubit automatically estimates its size based on historical behaviours observed on your site. Knowing the potential size of a segment offers a vital step in prioritizing where to apply your personalization efforts.

Features that support Qubit segmentation:

- Visitor Pulse. The most powerful personalizations come from deep customer knowledge

- Adaptive Targeting. Ensures users dynamically flow between segments for maximum precision

- Data exchange. Collect and operationalize all your customer data.

Get AI to be the engine that drives your personalization strategy. Put data science to work for you.

Let the machines do the heavy lifting. Today, advanced data science techniques like machine learning, AI, or deep learning can sift through mountains of data to unearth key insights or predictions in places you might not have thought to look.

Win time back. While the machines spend time on deep analysis, invest your time on the business areas that require the most attention

Mine your data for opportunities. Our opportunity mining actively evaluate tens of thousands of potential revenue opportunities each month, searching for outliers in visitor location, items purchased, viewed products looked and time of day.

Support business decisions. Qubit assigns each opportunity a missed revenue figure so that the job of prioritizing your workflow becomes straightforward. This ranking gives you the confidence to direct resources as required.

One connected workflow. Once an opportunity has been uncovered, Qubit lets you save it as a segment that can be explored further. If you’re ready for action, you can immediately target experiences to address these key insights.

Making AI pervasive. Whether it’s the ability to more intelligently offer products, predict product preferences, discern buying cycle signals, or more intelligently prevent shopping cart abandonment, all of the marketing and personalization tactics we deploy today can be made better by artificial intelligence and related technologies.

More Features:

- Live Tap. Tap into the rich behavior, preferences, and attributes gathered from your customers

- Opportunity mining. Use AI to find anomalies in your data, ranked by revenue opportunity

- Reports. Download reports and data sets to get your business on the same page

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