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Build your own burger on a kiosk at Hardee's
Design your pizza using digital table
Digital menu boards at UK sandwich stores - EAT
Digital restaurant tabletop ordering at Inamo in Soho, London
First big shopping app for a games console
Fridge magnet that orders pizza for you
Harris + Hoole mobile app allows customers to place coffee order before even reaching the till
McDonalds broadcast offers via beacons in store
McDonalds customers create their own taste using kiosks
McDonalds give away virtual reality kits in store
McDonalds make an augmented reality game with mobile NFC
McDonalds trial iPads to build your own burger
Order ahead on mobile at Starbucks rolls out
Order and pay at your table with PayPal
Order food and have it prepared as you get near
Pay at table with Apple Pay
Pay with mobile at restaurants and stadiums with Mastercard
Personalisation & digital innovation in a fast food restaurant
Pizza Hut introduce the subconscious menu
Pre-pay for your fast food at EAT
Restaurant replaces waiters with iPads
Richtree Market's restaurant of the future
Smoothie King rollout web based iPad POS to 700 stores
Starbucks open a digitally enhanced coffee shop
Tap and pay at table