Richtree Market's restaurant of the future

Richtree Market's restaurant of the future
Richtree Natural Market Restaurants have created a unique customer experience enhanced by cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary design.   Some of the key features that have helped create this 21st century dining and shopping experience include:
  • 23-foot video mural that greets over 50,000 daily commuters as they pass the restaurant
  • Virtual hostess, Mrs. Green, a hologram that welcomes customers to the Richtree experience
  • A tailored self-order system of kiosks that allows customers to 'skip' the line and order and pay at their convenience
  • Digital menus that react instantly to changes in the central menu system
High-tech kids area features an interactive wall a fast-paced multi-player game and gesture-based table top projection games to engage Richtree's youngest customers.