See what furtniture looks like in your home using iPad
The Cimagine solution is the most robust AR technology available today that can superimpose textual or figural information onto the natural environment without the need for any predefined, reference marker. Through a unique combination of internal sensors on mobile devices and high end image processing, Cimagine’s patent-pending 360o Super Reality TM technology, ensures that the AR object is realistically rendered to maintain scale and position. This allows users to view the object from all angles and distances. The AR object can be touched and accurately manipulated on screen to define the best fit within the intended environment. Shop Direct have formed a commercial partnership with Cimagine to enable customers be able to virtually try products before they purchase by comparing them to a model in their size or to items they already own. The platform works with a wide variety of items, from handbags and wallets to furniture, appliances and toys. Jonathan Wall, e-commerce director at Shop Direct, said: “We were introduced to Cimagine and yRuler by the UK Israel Tech Hub at the British Embassy while on a research trip to Tel Aviv in 2013.

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