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Give your customers the experience they deserve.

Customer loyalty is an elusive goal if you can’t recognize your customers across all touchpoints. Why invest in technology that only uses your data to optimize a single ad campaign, when you need a strategic capability that transforms the full customer experience? Get more flexibility and control of your data, keep the knowledge of the customer relationship, and complete the evolving view of the customer engagement with Signal.
Your customers expect you to understand and delight them at every moment. To drive customer connections that last a lifetime, brands require an independent and persistent identity capability that spans the enterprise. Signal gives you the freedom to communicate with your customers on your terms. Protect and control your data by building customer profiles that seamlessly connect to every touchpoint – human, physical, and digital.
There are four main components of Signal’s Customer Identity Solution:

Own and Control Customer Knowledge. Create your identity asset to recognize your customers and unlock data to drive relevance.

Freely move with your customers and recognize them across all critical moments to create personalized experiences.

Supercharge Your Customer Interactions. Build smart, complete and persistent profiles that evolve as quickly as your customers interact with your brand.

Be Relevant at Every Touchpoint. Communicate with customers when and where you want by synchronizing customer profiles across the enterprise, including marketing and analytics platforms.

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