Tesco convenience purchases can be really quick with mobile
UK based PowaTag and Tesco joined forces to offer shoppers at a Tesco Metro branch in London to take the Meal Deal Express 30 Second Challenge. In this proof of concept exercise, customers paid for their Meal Deals with PowaTag and were in and out of the store in 30 seconds leaving more time to enjoy their lunch breaks. The idea behind PowaTag is that customers download the PowaTag app, register their details and then using the app, scan a QR code identifying the product they want to purchase and then leave the store with purchase in hand. In the background the app ensures money is transferred from your account via one of your payment cards that it has remembered. Customers can then go on and use the app at participating retailers. Beacons and NFC also provide other physical ways for people to scan the product. The other use of PowaTag is to scan a code on a website, printed media or even digital sign and the product will be paid for and then despatched to your default delivery address. The idea is, like Amazon's one click purchase system - the friction associated with the payment journey is removed. In another innovative use case it can listen to a TV advert and then purchase via a hidden sound in the transmission.

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