The virtual assistant
As part of its grand opening, Rookie USA - a kids sportswear store in New York, has selected installed a Virtual Assistant into it's new store. Prominently positioned at 6 feet 8 inches, the Virtual sportstar - Carmelo Anthony captivates shoppers with its 3D look and feel. Surround sound is accompanied by highly visual information such as footage of Carmelo in action and the newest items in the Melo clothing line and sneakers, part of the Team Jordan brand. The Virtual Carmelo Anthony directs kids to the Hero’s corner to see superstar athletes in action and compare their footprints to those of their favourite athlete, invites them to experience the iPad bar, shoot hoops at Virtual Basketball Court, and use the interactive touch screens and kiosks located throughout the store. Customers can scan QR codes with the Virtual Carmelo Anthony using their smartphones to gain exclusive information and deals on Rookie USA brands. Virtual Assistants have previously been seen in very high footfall areas like airports and is now starting to pop-up in retail stores. Duane Read is a pharmacy store in New York that has installed a Virtual Assistant. Their Virtual Assistant greets New Yorkers to the newest Duane Reade store, immediately engaging customers and providing guidance on everything store related - instructions on seeing the “Doctor on Premise,” getting a virtual makeover, hours of operation, checkout information and even makes suggestions and recommendations on leading brand foods, drinks, cosmetics, hair and pharmaceutical choices available to customers.