Tweet to buy with Burberry and Home Depot
Twitter are trialling a new feature which allows customers to buy items by Twitter with Home Depot and Burberry. Products will appear on the retailers feeds with a 'Buy Now' button underneath it. Twitter will save credit card information and shipping address so users can make a quick purchase. The 'Buy Now' button will be available to less than 10 percent but will quickly roll out across its user base if successful. Nathan Hubbard, Twitter's commerce chief said, "First, we'll use the signal and the incredible data that we get from tweets to really tailor the experience to you, the second is this direct connection and the kinds of exclusive and limited edition products that can happen when you have that direct relationship. And the third is ... we're in a world that's moving to on-demand services—and so anything temporal, with urgency, with perishability we think will work on Twitter."

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