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The application of visual size & fit technology in fashion retail has always shown promise but never hit mainstream but is this now set to change? Technology that hat can increase sales, reduce returns or remove friction/indecision from the shopper journey could be potentially very appealing to fashion retailers.

Two primary factors have however impeded progress over the last decade which has seen many startups in this space struggle to gain widespread adoption.The additional cost of shooting and tagging products can really eat into margins if the process is not lean and the lack of accuracy of the technology has not delivered. 

The global pandemic has given some fledgling digital tech startups a real boost with a greatly increased interest in technology but is the technology ready for roll out?

Zeekit is one of these tech companies which is making some headway having convinced some major brands to give it a try including ASOS, Macys & Walmart. The Zeekit platform offers shoppers a virtual fitting room that allows them to see how the clothes they purchase look on them. 

With the cost of shooting on models forever increasing, there has been the use case for shooting products on manequins. This has also had limited success to date but that might also be set to change.

Zeekit also identified an opportunity here to use their technology to visualise what a product will look like on a model. Zeekit CEO, Yael Vizel said “Asos sent clothes to 30 photographers across London so they could shoot them on mannequins,”. “We received separate images of the clothed mannequins and the models that were taking part in the catalogue and opened up a virtual dressing assembly line, in effect becoming Asos’s studio during the pandemic. You can’t tell by the final product, but every photo that was included in the catalog was made by Zeekit. The models never actually wore the clothes they appear in.”

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