Walmart's drive through format for same day collection

walmart drive through
Walmart have launched a service that allows customers to order online and then drive to a location to pickup their order the same day. The first facility, which doubles up as a gas station, is located near the Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Registered shoppers order from the online site which contains roughly 10,000 grocery and then schedules a pickup time ranging from two hours to three weeks after the order is placed. The shopper then drives to one of the kiosk stations at the pickup grocery site at the scheduled time and notifies the attendant who will bring their order to the car. Orders are paid for online. Wal-Mart said this test extends its everyday low prices with no hidden fee or surcharges. “We know at Walmart our customers’ needs are changing. They want and need more shopping options and we have the means to give them low prices, wide assortments along with value and convenience in a seamless shopping experience,” said Deisha Barnett, a Walmart spokeswoman.

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