Walmart's virtual stores at Canadian bus stops

walmart bus stop
Wal-Mart Canada have launched digital signs at bus stops where customers can use their mobile devices to scan products on posters and have the goods delivered to their homes for free. The campaign will last four weeks. Since consumers are typically pressed for time, this is one way of adding value, Simon Rodrigue, vice president of e-commerce for Wal-Mart Canada, said in a statement. "This campaign allows us to help Torontonians shop for essentials on the go, anywhere, at any time." "What we used to have before is, here is something we have on sale; please come to our store and buy it. Now what we're saying is we have this product on sale; buy it right this instant," says David Elsner, manager, retail consulting services at PwC. "That cash register is in their hand. They can make that purchase."