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Marketers want tag management that’s simple, reliable, and integrates easily with existing systems. That’s what Google Tag Manager delivers. You’ll launch programs faster, so you can make swifter decisions.

- Increase your agility. Add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more.
Quickly deploy Google and third-party tags.

- Tag Manager supports all Google and third-party tags. Put your mind at ease.

- Error checking, security features, and speedy tag loading ensure that all your tags work. Collaborate across the enterprise.

- Tag Manager improves collaboration across your business. Features like workspaces, granular access controls, and support for multi-environment testing mean that marketing and IT can work together efficiently.

Tag Manager supports all tags and has easy-to-use turnkey templates for a wide range of Google and third-party tags — for web and mobile apps. Marketers can add or change their own tags as needed and a campaign can be underway with just a few clicks. Don’t see a tag listed? You can add it immediately as a custom tag.

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