Tag Management System

How it Works
Tags are the medium used to facilitate the collection and sharing of data between your website and the various technologies you utilise that rely upon this data (e.g. analytics platforms, marketing vendors). In many cases, these tags collect visitor behaviour information. Tags also can serve functionality, such advertising, live chat, and product recommendations.

Today sites can incorporate dozens to hundreds of third party tags, and with this come challenges pertaining to implementation agility and speed, data quality, transparency and control over data collection, performance loss from the loading of tags, etc

A tag management system makes it easy to manage the implementation of digital marketing technology solutions. Tag management also serves as a foundation for driving better omnichannel experiences. Tag management systems control the deployment of all tags and mobile vendor deployments via an intuitive web interface, without requiring any coding. Tag management systems make it easy to add, edit or remove any tag with point and click simplicity. Enterprise tag management solutions often deliver a variety of advanced capabilities, such as customization, data management, privacy controls, mobile application support and more.