Supply chains are complex. The answer is simple - Run JDA!
JDA delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions that help you seamlessly connect your supply chain and profit more in an omni-channel world.

With JDA, you can seamlessly deliver for your end-customers, optimizing their experience with your retail store or product — all while you achieve your profit goals. More than 4,000 JDA global customers use JDA integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions to optimize costs, increase revenue and reduce time to value.

Our mission is to help you seamlessly connect your supply chain so you can deliver for your customers.

Today’s supply chain is being affected by three forces that we call the 3 C’s — customer-centricity, a greater need for collaboration, and the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. JDA harnesses these market forces to provide solutions to:

Create more segmentable, adaptable manufacturing strategies so they are more customer centric and personalized.

Fulfill more intelligently so you can lower costs and source items in the right place at right time, all while reducing delivery costs and preserving margins.

Enable more profitable customer commerce by managing the digital and physical, and by creating more intelligent stores and enjoyable omni-channel shopping experiences for your customer.

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