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From the Web to telesales call centers to retail outlets, customers
have choices on when, where and even at what price to buy a
company’s products. Each customer is different and deserves the
best possible buying experience. In order to optimize the buying
experience, a company must streamline several critical elements:

- The company’s products must be easy to find and buy on the Web

- The company’s telesales team must have access to the same
promotions that are on the Web, as well as additional enticing

- The right products must be at the company’s channel partners

- Sales and supply functions must work in harmony through any of
these channels

Companies that can achieve this balance will be able to sell the right
product at the right price and at the right time, increasing both
profitability and customer satisfaction.

From initial lead to final cash transaction, JDA® Web Commerce can
help you sell better using advanced e-commerce tools. JDA Web
Commerce mirrors the customer’s natural buying process: learning
about your products, shopping around, buying and waiting for delivery, as well as receiving the product. JDA Software helps you satisfy both your customers’ and your sales people’s needs in each
of these steps. This drives maximum value from your customer

Whether it’s a dealer network, Web storefront, inside sales or outside
sales negotiating contracts, JDA’s solution consistently delivers
prices, products, configurations and delivery promises across
these channels to efficiently drive more profit. You can create Web
storefronts, offer dynamic catalog and pricing information and
enable customers and partners to find, configure and order the right
products and services across multiple sales channels, including Web,
call center and field sales in business-to-consumer and business-tobusiness modes. Your field sales team can produce quotations and
proposals and turn these into orders. The solution can run in your own system, external cloud or be hosted by JDA. Instead of implementing everything from scratch, JDA can offer you a ready-to-run solution managed by JDA’s experienced team of experts so that you can focus on your business instead of IT systems.

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