Costa Coffee rollout most advance multi-sense vending machine

costa coffee intel vending machine
Costa Coffee are rolling out the most advanced coffee vending machine in the world. The machine, codenamed Marlow, has is a multi-sensory coffee shop experience has the ability to captivate all five senses. Customers will be able to hear, see, touch, smell and taste all the different elements that you would see in a Costa coffee shop. A team of interactive specialists who worked on Hollywood blockbusters used their expertise to mirror the coffee shop ordering process and create something truly engaging on a 27 inch HD touch screen. To imitate the sounds of a bustling Costa coffee shop, Costa worked with the experts in online mixing and for scent engaged fragrance diffusion experts to create the coffee shop aroma. Costa Express Managing Director Scott Martin commented, “Marlow aims to completely transform consumers’ perceptions of ‘self-serve coffee’. As Costa’s quality taste has been the Nation’s Favourite for four years running, we’re delighted to be able to offer the quintessential Costa coffee shop experience to customers everywhere, even from the comfort of their office.

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