Digital menu boards at UK sandwich stores - EAT

digital menu board eat
EAT is a fresh food which serves fresh soups, sandwiches, salads, hot pots and coffee for people on the go. Like many similar stores, they have moved to a digital menu board which enables them to instantly change content on their menu boards behind the tills remotely from Head Office without the need to send print based signage to stores allowing them to be more agile. Holly Lee, Marketing Manager at EAT said, "One great thing that the menu manager has allowed us to do is trial new products in specific stores and we always want to seek customer feedback so we put a trial product into 10 shops, the digital menu board allows us to offer that product within those stores only." Sarah Doyle, Brand Director at EAT said, "Digital for us was always the idea of being innovative and also standing out in the market place. We had a new brand concept and we knew that our current menu system wasn't working so we were open to new ideas."

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