Innovation Article

An app that allows you to snap a photo and then finds you the closest match on the web
Augmented reality clothing and catwalk shows
Bing maps inside the shopping mall
Demandware, the e-commerce vendor launch a digital in store experience
Digital watermarks would make scanning at POS faster
Facial recognition identifies VIPs as they enter store
Fitnect virtual fitting room
Google 3D phones will be used to navigate stores in real space
Live Selling - the reincarnation of cable shopping networks
Low power bluetooth beacons and hands free payment and promotion with PayPal and Apple
Pay with your face with PayPal
Paypal and the future of shopping
Photo item and find similar with brain mimicking
Razorfish's digital store concept
Self scanning using mobiles now hits UAE
Shopping using a digital tabletop from PERCH
Vending machine gives you free ice cream if you smile
Virtual fitting room and size recommendations for people and dogs